Someday Is Now

The official launch of brand new podcast: Someday Is Now!!

I’ve been dreaming of creating a place for Asian American women to explore our heritage, ethnic journey, and share leadership lessons. Along with carving a space for Asian American women, I also invite all my non Asian women friends to pull up a chair and listen and learn from these gifted leaders.

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Vivian MabuniComment
Launch Team #OpenHandsWillingHeart

In four short months my next book, Open Hands, Willing Heart, will release into the world! I am excited to share about finding Life by letting go. The pages of the book are filled with personal stories, meaningful lessons from incredible women from all walks of life, and from several characters in the bible. My publisher, WaterBrook, is making available a limited number of FREE advanced reader copies for individuals who would like to be part of my launch team.

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Guest Post At Propel Women: Wisdom for Measuring Our Worth

Recently, while speaking at a large women’s conference made up of leaders from 49 states and five countries, I experienced an awkward range of emotions. I felt humbled to have the privilege and opportunity to influence and address leaders composed of women from all walks of life, representing different churches from all around the country. I felt hope for the future as I thought of women discipling and investing into other women and living surrendered to our King, and I felt deep joy seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I also felt out of placeinadequate, and insecure

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