Abundant Life

This past week has probably been like weeks past. But somehow the highs and lows seem a bit higher and a bit lower, too. Braided into the day in and day out of this week are disappointments and sadness alongside some truly good gifts.

It’s rainy outside. I have the fireplace going and my heart feels so mixed as I reflect back over the days.

Julia came home today with news that one of the teacher’s from her school passed away last night. He was battling liver cancer and went through chemo right around the same time I did. I remember standing in the copy room with him last spring at the school and commiserating about the awfulness of chemo and how grateful we were to have all that behind us. The heaviness from this news today weighs on my heart. I can feel it right in my chest.

Also today, Julia was honored at school during the quarterly “ACE” awards for Academic, Citizenship and Effort. Watching her receive her award and seeing her classmates cheering her on was a gift. It wasn’t even the receiving of an award as much as it was relishing the showing up for the kids’ events. The “whoo-hooing” and taking pictures and being a witness is a gift. Being here to see them grow into who God has created them to be is a gift. I had proud mama welling up right in my chest.

Earlier in the week, my friend from church shared news of being a member of a club she had hoped never to be a part of. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. I hate that she will have to walk this path. I hate that she will likely not be the last in our church to join the club. Prognosis for her looks good, but having to undergo surgery and radiation stinks. Cancer seems everywhere. My friend is one of several I know currently battling and it weighs heavy–right in my chest.

Also earlier in the week, my dad sent money to help me in my publishing endeavor so I was able to pick up a new laptop that I’m currently very, very, very happily typing on. My other laptop black and blue screened on me regularly and things I would write would often *poof* disappear and there would be much yelling under my breath and not under my breath at the laptop about my strong dislike for the laptop. This unexpected gift brings encouragement and another boost to keep on walking this book writing path. This good gift has thankfulness filling up my chest.

This week I was sick with NyQuil commercial symptoms. Chest cold, cough, sinus pressure, stuffy nose. I was disappointed to not get to the things I had hoped to. But you and I have been through times of illness when things didn’t get done, and in the end it turned out okay. I think about the name of this blog: A Place of Abundance. Life, with all its highs and lows, when entered into fully leads to abundance. Abundance isn’t measured in just the good times, but found in the hard times, too. Each day, each week, each year, each season has its share of highs and lows. Embracing the circumstances and the One who understands and knows us and knows best leads to life abundant.