Moody Radio Interview

Another first. Another humbling and amazing privilege. I have been invited, along with Trina (also a new member of the Redbud Writers Guild), to share a little of my cancer journey on a live radio show tomorrow at noon Chicago time. Here is a brief description of the radio program from one of the hosts:

Midday Connection is a Live radio talk show geared primarily toward women and heard at Noon Central time for 55 minutes. We are on approximately 250 stations around the country and one station in Australia, and thanks to the internet we have listeners who regularly check in from Italy, France, Spain, Bahamas, Trinidad, and other locales. Midday Connection is available as a podcast as well as our past programs can be streamed from our website.

Here is a link to the website:

Please pray for me if God brings me to your mind. And pray that God would use our words to bring hope and encouragement to other women battling cancer. Feel free to pass along the link of the interview to women you know who might find it helpful.

I heard back from some of you that the link for the YouTube video from my last post didn’t work so I am fixing that now (or at least trying to).

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