Puppy Update: Mercy and Grace


Happy Weekend! Our sweet Koa is 19 weeks old and weighs in at over 30 pounds now! He had the “procedure” this week. Poor thing. We try not to laugh, but he keeps knocking into everything wearing that “cone of shame.” Our vet is encouraged with his growth and progress. “You may have dodged a bullet. I didn’t think he would make it. I’d love to do another barium x-ray to see what’s going on inside.”

From the looks of things, God may have answered our prayers and healed our little puppy. We still feed him on the step stool five times a day, but no longer need to keep him upright. We have been cutting down his medication and he seems to still be fine. Two words play on repeat in my mind: mercy and grace.

Mercy and grace. Mercy is not getting what you deserve. Grace is getting something good despite deserving something bad. Mercy is one of our kids not having a consequence for a chore undone. Grace is not only not having a consequence, but having a parent actually do the chore for the kid.

Koa’s supernatural healing–at least that is what signs point to right now, is a gift of grace and mercy to our family. We are in the throes of a full schedule and God knows that we don’t have much margin for investing an extra six hours a day towards feeding our dog upright. Thank you for those of you who have prayed for our dog.

Thank you, God, for mercy and grace in abundance.

Vivian MabuniComment