Redbud Writers Guild


For as far back as I can remember, after surrendering my life wholly to God, He has surrounded me with amazing leaders. As a new freshman arriving at the University of Colorado campus in Boulder, truly incredible student leaders welcomed me into our Crusade ministry. I look back and most of them now serve in leadership positions all across the country and most continents on this planet. We were a part of the “glory days of CU.” Our staff team, lead by JL and Shelley, were outstanding. All of our staff went on to give leadership in various campus and regional roles. As a student leader, I worked closely with Dan as he finished his PhD. He was and still is one of the finest mentor/disciplers I know. He continues to impact men at the Air Force base in Colorado Springs and the world is a better place because of his influence.

I joined the staff of Cru (new name of Campus Crusade for Christ) and sat under Greg and Charmaine’s leadership. It’s rare to meet people who have such solid reputations. I have yet to hear of anyone speak poorly of them in any circle. And I could go on for pages and pages about other amazing leaders. Darrin wisely observed that in my years as a student and new staff some of the best of the best have shaped me. It’s true. I am forever grateful for the influence they have all had in my life.

Fast forward 20 years. And once again God has surrounded me with amazing leaders. This time it’s through  the Redbud Writers Guild. I first heard of this group at the Synergy conference. This happened right after the Taiko drum Epcot Adventure. I met some amazing women leaders who were mostly from the Chicago area. They had joined together to support and encourage each other in their writing endeavours. The tag line for the Redbuds is: Fearlessly expanding the feminine voice in our churches, communities and culture. My heart was instantly drawn to their vision and purpose.

I sat in on a few of the writing/publishing seminars that were offered during the conference in hopes of learning what would be required to get my cancer book published. Each time I would return to my hotel room despairing. New world, new terms, agents and query letters and an overwhelming process. After the conference I stayed in contact with two Redbuds and they encouraged me multiple times to apply to join their group. I shared with them, “Thanks for the Redbud info. It just feels so out of my league. The line up looks like all these NFL players and I play flag football for a junior high school.”

As I have inquired of the Lord over this book thing, I have found myself feeling very, very inadequate. With the inadequacy comes paralyzing fear. But, I have come to the place where I am willing to take the next step. “Lord, if you open the door, I am willing to walk through.” So with a great deal of “What am I even thinking? Why would they want me?” I filled out the application.

When the acceptance welcome letter came I couldn’t hold back my tears. They were happy, humbled, honored tears. Darrin said, “Wow. I didn’t know it meant that much for you to be a part of this group.” For me, it was confirmation to continue walking these next steps from the Lord. And now, instead of being alone and trying to figure everything out, I have a small army of published women writers who share the same spirit of wanting part in changing the world. The collaborative, non competitive, willing to share ideas, give input, help atmosphere has been exactly what I needed.

So please check out the website.

I will be trying to regularly update you on the progress of the book. I am working on a query letter and proposal and looking for a literary agent (can you believe, I actually know what that means??? :)). You can help in two ways:

  • Please join me in praying that the Lord would go before me, that the open doors would be clear and that I would have courage to walk through them.
  • Subscribe to this blog and share it with others

Thanks for checking in and being a part of this whole crazy adventure…