A quick pop onto the blog before unearthing the piles in our home and attempts to restore some semblance of order around here. I’m not in the hoarder category, but stuff (*read-piles of paper) seem to gather together and form mini mountains on flat surfaces all around our home…and muddy dog prints and dog fur covers our floors, and the laundry, stickiness on the kitchen floor, toothpaste splatters on the mirrors? Never-ending.

Taking a moment to list out what I’m grateful for this morning:

  • five chairs around the dining room table again (Jonathan, our oldest, is home from college)
  • not waking up to an alarm clock
  • sunshine
  • catching up on my reading through the One Year Chronological Bible
  • daughter who feels the freedom to ask for definitions of words like “virgin” and “slut” and the conversation that followed
  • coffee (of course)
  • nothing on the schedule today (except for unearthing)
  • fresh strawberries in my oatmeal

What are you grateful for today?