Use Whatcha Got Week 1: Know Whatcha Have


So, I’m sitting here in relative quiet. Darrin is enjoying the Rose Bowl football game, Michael is enjoying League of Legends, Julia is enjoying the Disney channel, Jonathan is enjoying some introvert time in his room playing guitar and away from the clamor. Earlier in the day we cleaned up a bit, shared our goals and hopes for 2013, called our families and other first day of the year type stuff.

I love beginnings. I love the beginning of the year, the beginning of the month and the beginning of the week. Working in campus ministry all these years, we have two beginnings of the year: January 1st and the beginning of the school year. I love anticipating the possibilities and the feeling of a clean slate or a fresh start.

I’ve decided to write about Use Whatcha Got 2013 every Tuesday over the course of this coming year. Turns out January 1st and December 31st both fall on a Tuesday. I won’t get totally obsessed about UWG, but I figure some of you may want an update on how it goes. Can Viv really make it through the year without buying new shoes?? It’s a good question. We shall see in 52 weeks!

So far today I haven’t bought ANYTHING! So we are off to a great start!! 

I am planning on going through my closet in little baby steps so I won’t burn out. Part of UWG for me will include know whatcha have. I’m anticipating discovery of long lost items which I will be able to reuse, give away or trash. Win, win, win, if you ask me!

What about you? What are your plans for UWG or for the coming year?