Use Whatcha Got Week 3: New From Old

Quick pop onto the blog. I’m prepping to speak this coming weekend at the Epic East Coast Conference. Prepping these talks has taken over my mind, taken over our dining room table, taken over my life. If you talk with God regularly, I’d really appreciate if you would pray for me and for the students who will attend. And while you’re at it, pray for the other two Epic conferences taking place at the same time in Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA. I look forward to being back in Morristown and back with the staff and students I met last year. One extra special blessing this year is our oldest son, Jonathan, (who now attends college in the east coast) will be at this conference. As a student. Ahhhhh!!

Prepping to speak involves not only praying, studying Bible passages, reading commentaries, putting together Keynote presentations (Mac’s version of PowerPoint), lots of coffee and lots more prayer, it also means thinking about what outfits I’ll wear. So here’s where the Use Whatcha Got challenge is starting to stir up the I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome. I foresee a few more events in the coming months when this syndrome will likely resurface. Having just cleared out and cleaned up my closet, I most certainly have stuff to wear. Lots of stuff. But I am just not very skilled with putting together outfits.

If I ever look put together it comes almost entirely from Leila, of the Awesome Threesome. She is my personal image consultant. She usually fixes my hair and applies my makeup if we are at the same conference. Last year, like this year, we were at conferences on opposite sides of the country. So before the epic conference last year, Leila came over and helped pick out some great combinations. She laid each outfit, including jewelry, on the floor. We took pictures on my iPhone because there was no way I would have remembered how to reassemble any of the outfits out of the suitcase. Then every morning I would pull out my phone and refer to it like instructions for building up a Lego set. Voila!


So guess who’s coming over tomorrow to help me reassemble some new combinations out of my existing closet? Yes, Leila is returning to my rescue! So my UWG thoughts for this week:

  • invite a friend who knows how to put outfits together over to explore new combinations out of what you already have in your closet
  • placing my hands by my eyes like blinders and repeating “use whatcha got, use whatcha got, use whatcha got” has proven successful when walking into those “lotsa stuff I’d like to acquire” stores

What are new lessons you’ve learned so far in UWG?