Use Whatcha Got Week 4: 6/5/4 Simplicity

Back from Morristown, New Jersey. We are wiped out. I went to bed early last night with a sore throat and still needed a nap after lunch. Probably could have slept all day. Darrin and Julia are fighting off sinus infections. Many thanks for all who prayed for the conference. It was a powerful weekend.

Darrin and I have spent many summers in various locations on summer mission projects. We’ve found it refreshing to live with only the contents in our suitcase for six weeks at a time. The simplicity of “6/5/4.” We used to tell the kids: six underwear, five t-shirts, four pairs of shorts. Add to that a couple sweatshirts and one pair of long pants, and a dress for Julia, and that would be our clothing for the summer.

Our previous summer mission experiences using public transportation helped me and Jonathan figure out how to get from Newark to Morristown by train. Signs in English were a plus. We did, however, confuse “going east” to mean going inland, so we were initially on the wrong train platform. Wrong coast. West is inland on the east. Lesson learned.

Jonathan, like his incredible Dad, ended up as “personal Sherpa” and carried all our luggage. Yes, I felt proud. And blessed. And thankful.


My UWG13 thoughts this week:

  • simplicity is refreshing, so I hope to continue simplifying and clearing out our stuff so we can “travel lighter” in life
  • walking through the airport I didn’t kill time by wandering around the little shops; knowing I was committed to UWG simplified how I spent my time. I find I don’t miss stuff I don’t see

How has the first month of UWG13 been for you??