Doorknobs and Unexpected Opportunities

I met Elisa Morgan at my first Synergy Conference in 2010. I sat in one of her seminars as she taught out of the books of Acts. She took off her shoe and used it to illustrate an Alexandrian ship; a type of slow moving barge the apostle Paul probably sailed on in Acts chapter 27. Her ability to keep the entire room engaged during the dreaded after-lunch-when-people-are-apt-to-doze-off spot, her brilliant handling of God’s Word, her fabulous taste in shoes, her willingness to share her weaknesses, and her deep devotion to God drew me in spellbound. I understood first hand why Elisa is such a sought after leader and teacher. The Publisher of FullFill™, a free digital magazine for women of all ages, stages and callings, her current mission is to mobilize women to invest their influence in God’s purposes. She previously gave leadership to MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) International and helped grow the ministry to become a recognized household name across the country. She recently joined the Women of Faith teaching team, and continues to influence women all around the world.

I sheepishly approached her between meetings and asked her for advice and counsel regarding the writing/publishing world. She warmly replied, “Just keep jiggling the door knobs. Don’t force your way trying to push through the doors, but trust God will open the right doors. Your job is to keep jiggling to see which doors are open.” I tucked her words away in my mind with arms frozen by my side. Looking down the corridor of closed doors, I didn’t feel qualified to even try jiggling.

A couple months later Elisa asked her editor at Fulfill to contact me to find out if I would be willing to write a short article for the Summer 2010 issue.

I was floored.

Elisa opened a door for me. She modeled for me what it looks like for a more experienced leader to help, encourage and believe in an insecure, unsure, unqualified, leader-in-the-making. Her words and actions came at a time when I most needed assurance. Leadership is more than a title or role. Leadership is also about opening doors of opportunity and clearing the way for new leaders to grow and flourish. Leadership is exercised not only in planning meetings, but also lived out day to day in unexpected opportunities.

My hope is to be a generous leader like Elisa in helping encourage women to jiggle doorknobs and open doors where I can. My hope is to keep my hands open, and like Elisa, remember God’s Kingdom is bigger than what I’m involved with in my little corner. Kingdom building is an all-play, requiring all of me and all of you, to give all to Him.

Here’s the article below.

Helpful reminder from the article for me today:

“Even on my worst days as a mom, wife, friend and daughter….being here makes a difference.”

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