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Well hello there publishing house people (and friends). Smile. Wave hand. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to poke around a bit. I’m learning about the writing/publishing world. Learning about platforms and the book review process. I know you’re wondering whether or not people will actually purchase the someday book. I think they will. It’s not because I’m all that, but I think the content will resonate with folks from different walks of life who are going through different trials, including battling cancer. I’ll be adding another link at some point soon with some talk clips, my speaking schedule, etc. Meanwhile, I’m glad you came by and checked things out. Keep coming back. Viv

For the rest of you. Thank you for all your help getting the word out about the someday book. Here’s the back story and where things are at in the process and how you can help:

Back in December I was working on talks for the Epic East Coast Conference sitting by the fireplace at “my Starbucks.” The little red notification Facebook light came on so I clicked over. Yes, I have a problem checking Facebook all day long. And Twitter. I know. And now I’m also on Pinterest. Yes. Yes, you can pray. 

Anyway, it was an editor who wrote on my Facebook Writer page wall. She received a link to my blog from another author I had never met who had read my blog and forwarded the link to her. She wanted to know if I was interested in submitting my book proposal to their publishing house.

Um. Yes.

I went back on to the actual Facebook writer page and couldn’t find her message anywhere on the page. I would have missed it all together had I not been looking at just the right time. Good thing I happened to look up and good thing I am in the habit of checking Facebook.

I sent her the proposal. She liked it. Asked for an additional chapter. I wrote another chapter. She reviewed it. Then it went to her managing editor (who is a “Whoa. Big time amazing editor”). Her managing editor liked it and sent it along the review process to the editorial team. Yes. Many, many steps going from idea to actual contract.

Then I attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writers conference. Floored and blown away by the interest from literary agents. Decided to sign with the Steve Laube agency with Karen Ball as my agent. (another. “Whoa. Big time amazing agency and agent”). The agent thing is separate from the publishing house thing. Usually agents are the ones submitting book proposals to publishing houses. My process has been kind of unique.

So back to the book proposal. The editorial team also liked it so now on TUESDAY the marketing team will crunch numbers and figure out if it will be a worthwhile investment to publish the someday book. If the marketing team says thumbs up it will go to the final review step: the Pub Board. If they like it, then a contract will be issued.

Here’s where you all can help. The marketing people are looking at numbers of people who read this blog, subscribe to it, like my Facebook writer page, follow me on Twitter. Anything and everything that would help them know real live humans would purchase the book.

So, if you are on Facebook. Please “like” my Facebook Writer page: (I’ve conveniently linked it here so you can click right over)

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I will be emailing the editor on Monday morning with updated numbers and info so she can take it to the Marketing meeting on Tuesday. Look forward to letting you know how it goes.

Thank you for your help and prayers.