The Book Is Done

Oh. My. Word.

Or more like, Oh. My. Words… Like 35,820 words. The first draft is complete. Darrin has been away this week for ministry meetings. He returns tonight. Last night over leftovers Michael, Julia and I toasted with sparkling apple cider. We spoke in British accents. We drank out of crystal flutes with our pinkies sticking out. They toasted me for completing the book. I toasted them for being such great sports while I was buried, tapping away at my computer at odd times in odd places.

Now the first draft will be read over by my agent. Once it is sent off to the publishing house it will undergo another three to four rounds of editing.

Someday the book will actually be in hand. Each day is one day closer.

Finishing the book….well, all I can say is there is an awful lot of twirling going on around my house. Twirling, woohooing, fist pumping….all witnessed by the dog. The same dog who squeezed up onto my ottoman and chair and laid with his head on my lap as I cried and typed through the Max chapter.

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers and strong support.

Today, for the first time, I feel like the book is really going to happen…