Use Whatcha Got Week 7: Fuzzy Bear Hats

I bought some clothes for the boys young men in my life for Christmas at Old Navy back in December. Note to self: no v-neck anything for male offspring next year. Or ever. I kept the bag of clothes in my car and drove around over a month in hopes of popping into the store eventually. Finally returned to Old Navy to return the clothes.

Now back in December I received a coupon from Old Navy after my big purchase of clothes at the check out. It was one of those spend so much and save so much. The more you spend, the more you save.

I still had the coupon and the expiration for the coupon was only days away. I decided to attempt the first tier of savings: spend $25 and save $10. Fifteen dollars for $25 dollars worth of stuff. What a deal. With the clothes I had just returned, it was basically “free.” Right?!

With my hands up against my temples acting like blinders, I kept my eyes fixed straight ahead as I cruised past the women’s clothing section. All the while I muttered under my breath, “Use Whatcha Got. Use Whatcha Got.”

First stop was the men’s section to find anything casual, nice looking, not v-necked, and preferably on clearance. I found a couple things fitting the criteria. Next I headed over to the girls section, found another decent deal. But I wasn’t hitting the $25 mark.

I wandered a bit more and then I spotted them hanging in the clearance section in the back corner….

Fuzzy Bear Hats.


They were so soft, so cute.

There were six left.

They were on CLEARANCE.

I bought them all.

At the check out counter I still came up a few dollars short of the $25. Plastic bone shaped doggy poop bag holders on clearance. I picked up two. One for the leash. One for my car.

Still just a wee bit short.

But I was committed.

I was obsessed.

Shirt boxes in two sizes for 49 cents finally pushed me exactly over the mark to use the coupon.

I went into the store with one bag and came out with two.

Well, the good news: the stuff is being put to good use. Michael claimed his fuzzy bear hat immediately (never occurred to me he would like one!). We Skyped with Jonathan all wearing the fuzzy bear hats. He was clearly relieved to be the entire 2,678 miles away from his crazy family. Julia thought it would be great if we all wore them for our Christmas card photo next year. Never gonna happen, but she can still dream. We gave a few fuzzy bear hats away to friends.

UWG lesson learned: don’t get all coupon crazy, Viv, and buy a bunch of stuff just to get the deal.

 Catch me up on how you’re doing almost two months into UWG!