Use Whatcha Got Week 8: I Got Nothin’

It’s raining outside. I’ve been inside all day. Yeah, me and the dog, inside. Sedentary. All. Day. And it’s Tuesday. Which means another “Use Whatcha Got” post. And this week, I don’t have anything remotely interesting or profound to share.

I’ve successfully avoided purchasing shoes, clothes, accessories, and any new coffee mugs or lip gloss for the past eight weeks. I have, however, purchased Girl Scout cookies, a replacement apple slicer and replacement garlic press. The nice lady at the Sur la Table store (uh, happened to walk by and had never been inside…warning: don’t go in this incredible kitchen store….it’s crammed with every imaginable kitchen anything)…I’ll get back to the nice lady.

We had a great apple slicer corer stainless steel gadget from Williams and Sonoma (another incredible kitchen store to avoid). It was a gift from nine or ten years ago. We used it so much the blades broke. We also had this great, sturdy, stainless steel garlic press and used it so much it also broke. Yeah. We like eating apples and using lots of garlic when we cook. I bought a cheap replacement garlic press and complained every time I used it. I had stopped using it all together and chopping the garlic was time consuming and made my fingers smell. So, the nice lady at the Sur la Table store convinced me to purchase this nifty garlic rocker.

Never knew garlic rockers existed. She raved about it and said I would never need to ever buy another garlic crusher again. True. No moving parts. Stainless steel won’t break. I will report back how and if I like it.

Now, for the record. I did avoid buying the $45 potato cutting french fry stainless steel gadget, as well as the $10, on clearance, single brew coffee making gadget (we have two plastic cone single brew coffee making filter holders). Though, truth be told, I did pick it up and put it back several times.

UWG lesson for me this week: get whatcha use a lot (apple slicer, garlic press) and skip the gadgets seldom used (french fry potato cutter) or already have that work just fine (coffee making gadget).

Anything you care to share? Lessons learned? Advice?