Writing A Book Is Hard

Glorious moment! All order has been restored in my little website world. The incredible Mr. Aaron Schweizer has uncovered and fixed what was broken. My learning curve remains at virtually vertical up and down when it comes to websites, updates, plugins, feeds, and the like. But I’m learning and being stretched. Actually more stretched than learning. The foreign words belonging to the cyberspace world are beginning to sound familiar even if I don’t have a clue what they mean.

In the book writing department. Well, where do I begin??

I’m writing, getting interrupted, then rereading whatever I’ve written and tweaking. I get distracted, sometimes become distraught. I pick up other books, skim the pages and EVERYONE writes with such compelling, creative sentences. I’m tempted to copy their words. All of them. I sit for stretches, cry as I remember and recall. My laptop moves from dining table to nook, then back downstairs to the couch. Our dog, Koa, migrates with me and lets me pet him with my foot as I tap, tap, tap away. I’ve tried writing during soccer practice from the sidelines, by the fireplace in “my Starbucks.” Somedays I stay in my pj’s until lunch. I’ve tried writing in the dark of early, early morning. I’ve tried writing late at night. Some here and some there during the in between times. Little by little I keep chipping away. The chapters are coming together and then I start wondering,

What would happen if I lost all I’ve written? Would I be able to capture it all again?

What if all I’ve written is garbage? (or other choice expression!)

What if everybody hates everything in every chapter of the whole entire book?

What am I even trying to do?

In the end, after stumbling along these last few weeks, I’ve come to one conclusion:

Writing a book is hard. That is all.

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