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Episode 2 - Ruth Chou Simons
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Episode 2 w/ ruth Chou Simons

I’m excited to invite as the first guest on this podcast my friend, Ruth Chou Simons. Ruth is a talented artist, a business woman, mom to six boys, and a fun-loving, spicy food loving beautiul soul. With a vibrant Instagram account of over 126K followers, Ruth has curated a space for beauty and inspiration. —Viv

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Ruth is the award winning author of “Gracelaced” and newly released “Beholding and Becoming.” She illustrates and write about seeing beauty and truth through her everyday life. From name pronunciation to Asian school lunches, she opens up about her experience of being born in Taiwan and growing up in New Mexico. She shares leadership skills on leading out of freedom instead of being performance driven. Ruth is a refreshing reminder of how no matter where you are in your life stage we are all still works in progress.

Learn more about Ruth at
Instagram: @ruthchousimons
Twitter: @gracelaced

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Episode 1 - Intro to Someday is Now

In this episode I start off by giving you a little back story of how the show got its name and we dive into what it means to be an Asian American living in both eastern and western worlds.

Each week guests will share their leadership and ethnic journeys. To begin, I share my own story; of what I’m proud of and what has been painful. I also share leadership lessons and some of my favorite Asian comfort food. Thanks for listening!