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Episode 5 - Whitney Yang
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EPISODE 5 - w/ Whitney Yang

I am honored to have Whitney Yang as a guest this week--wife, mom, actress, photographer and skilled culinary chicken preparer. I loved our conversation about Hmong culture and Whitney’s dedication to retaining much of her identity as a Hmong American. 

In this conversation, she shares the nuances of Hmong culture and tradition, her ethnic journey, and teaches us about the “Secret War”.  You’ll want to take notes for her favorite comfort food! As I learned more about Hmong history, I am so impressed by the resilience and fortitude of the Hmong and understand better why the community remains so tightly connected. Enjoy the episode! -Viv

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Whitney is a first generation Hmong-American who was born into a large and racially diverse home. She is most known for her supporting role in Clint Eastwood's film, Gran Torino, where she is honored to represent her own people. Since then, she has married the love of her life and is currently raising three beautiful boys. Whitney describes herself as an introverted hermit who lives a not-so-solitary home. Her current goal is to have at least five children before she reaches age 30 so that she can focus on career aspirations sooner. For enjoyment, you can find her photographing weddings, tending her garden, and schooling newbies in Catan.


Instagram: @whitneyandmatsayaphotography
Facebook: Whitney and Matsaya Photography
Photography: Whitney and Matsaya



“Leading is not about getting people to do what you want to do; it’s about stepping down, serving them, and being at their level…humbling yourself”


Chicken Soup w/ Herbs >>RECIPE HERE<<


“The Secret War” In 1962, American CIA soldiers went to Laos and recruited 19,000 Hmong men, and kids as young as 10-12 years old, to fight as foot soldiers against the communist Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. Since the U.S. lost, the tragic outcome was there was no exit strategy for the Hmong people.. They were ultimately left to fend for themselves. Many were captured and cruelly punished for helping the Americans.

From the mid to late 1970’s there was a large immigration of Hmongs from Laos and Thailand to the United States. While U.S. policies were created to aid in the resettlement of Hmong refugees in America, the U.S. still does not recognize the Hmong soldiers who helped the Americans in the war as war veterans. 

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Episode 4 - Kathy Khang
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I’m excited to introduce to you my friend, Kathy Khang--author, speaker, wife, mom,and yoga instructor. Kathy has the ability to identify injustice and communicate with clarity, and sometimes humor, about the inconsistencies she experiences in life. Our conversation was informative as she shed light on some of Korea’s history. I especially found Kathy’s ability to articulate her journey insightful and inspiring. She connects the power of culture created around language and food, and the loss brought when you don’t understand the “mother tongue”. I look forward to hearing your feedback from this week’s episode. -Viv

Kathy Khang is a writer, speaker, and yoga teacher. She is the author of Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent &amp; How to Speak Up (IVP, 2018), contributing editor for Sojourners magazine, a coauthor of More Than Serving Tea (IVP, 2006), and brings more than 21 years of ministry experience with expertise gender, race, ethnicity, justice, and leadership development.


Leaders are READERS! Over time through failure of things that I thought I knew then what are the ways in which I can learn what I thought I knew and didn’t or unlearn something which is also a great way to do through reading.


Soondubu Jjigae: Tofu Stew (really spicy with tofu, pork belly, spam, egg, sausage and onions)


Instagram: @mskathykhang

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Episode 3 - Michelle Kim McCoy
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EPISODE 3 w/ Michelle Kim McCoy

I’m so excited to share my conversation with Michelle Kim McCoy this week. Michelle is warm, kind, and fun. A multi-talented Korean American woman who invests in herself and her cultural identity on and off the screen. 

Michelle opens up about her experience growing up as the “token Asian American” in most circles. Then, attending the University of California-Irvine, where the majority culture looked like her--causing her to question her value and identity. Michelle shares how she uses life experiences, such as the recent birth of her son, to incorporate and share about Korean culture. I especially appreciate her willingness to unpack the challenges she faced with her parents for marrying her husband, who is Black and Jewish. I can’t wait for you to listen and share your feedback! —Viv

Michelle Kim McCoy is a pastor's wife, actress and photographer based in Los Angeles. She and her husband, Kelly, are expecting their first child this month (His due date is Vivian's Birthday - July 25th!!). When she's not busy going on auditions or working on set, she's serving college students at The Church at Rocky Peak or running Michelle Kim Photography. You may have caught her in episodes of The Gifted, Grey's Anatomy, Ray Donovan, The Last Ship, Shameless and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Every Monday, Kelly, Michelle and their adorable dog Mr. Snuffy practice sabbath and document their adventures at #dluxsabbath.

Favorite Asian Comfort Food

Brodard’s in Garden Grove

Learn more about Michelle

Instagram: @michellekimmccoy
Photography: Michelle Kim Photography
Acting: IMDb

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Episode 2 - Ruth Chou Simons
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Episode 2 w/ ruth Chou Simons

I’m excited to invite as the first guest on this podcast my friend, Ruth Chou Simons. Ruth is a talented artist, a business woman, mom to six boys, and a fun-loving, spicy food loving beautiul soul. With a vibrant Instagram account of over 126K followers, Ruth has curated a space for beauty and inspiration. —Viv

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Ruth is the award winning author of “Gracelaced” and newly released “Beholding and Becoming.” She illustrates and write about seeing beauty and truth through her everyday life. From name pronunciation to Asian school lunches, she opens up about her experience of being born in Taiwan and growing up in New Mexico. She shares leadership skills on leading out of freedom instead of being performance driven. Ruth is a refreshing reminder of how no matter where you are in your life stage we are all still works in progress.

Learn more about Ruth at

Instagram: @ruthchousimons
Twitter: @gracelaced

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Episode 1 - Intro to Someday is Now

In this episode I start off by giving you a little back story of how the show got its name and we dive into what it means to be an Asian American living in both eastern and western worlds.

Each week guests will share their leadership and ethnic journeys. To begin, I share my own story; of what I’m proud of and what has been painful. I also share leadership lessons and some of my favorite Asian comfort food. Thanks for listening!