Seek First IF:Equip Study

A dream come true. I told my husband, Darrin, “I think I can die now. This is the most significant contribution I could make in the area of discipleship.”

For over three decades I've taught a bible study I learned while a student at the University of Colorado on the basics of faith based out of 1 John. An actual TYPEWRITER was used to first capture these truths. I've carried around photocopies and also taught these lessons from memory, and over the years added some personal touches and illustrations. I've taught this study one on one to brand new believers, I've taught it to train students on Cru summer missions all across and country and in different international settings. I've taught these illustrations in airplanes, on Starbucks napkins in various coffee shops, in small groups, large groups, at retreats and conferences, and I'm thrilled to share with you I've written it all out in my first IF:Equip study. The original writer of the study, Eric Swanson, wrote me when I asked his permission to use his notes, "Of course you can and you can claim it as your own...since you have now homesteaded the content and stewarded it so well."

In 2018 so far over 365,000 women have studied IF:Equip. These studies are part of the overall vision of IF:Gathering to help disciple women and unleash them to be salt and light in their spaces and places. Earlier this year I had the privilege of writing this study along with my friend, Nika, and we filmed these videos over the summer. This week the study is available to everyone everywhere. The content is FREE over at IF:Equip (sign up for emails to be delivered to your inbox). And a lovely wire bound version with incredible art and graphics is available for purchase over at the shoppe on the IF:Gathering website.

I picture women learning how to share their faith, feeling more confident and trained in helping a new believer navigate studying the bible, having foundations solidified and knowing practical illustrations and examples to use in everyday life.

I. Am. Bursting. With. Excitement!

Join us. Share the material. Leave comments, feedback.

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